LG Electronics woos consumers with 10-year warranty in linear compressor


…Addressing power issue in Refrigerator

More than 1 billion tons of food, according to study  is wasted annually in the continent,  especially in Nigeria  due to poor storage facilities and limited cold storage.

Beacuse  Refrigerator is one of the most needed appliances in every home because of its function in preserving, storing and keeping food items cool and fresh, consumers now  look for refrigerators that are durable, spacious, fast cooling and most importantly backed with warranty. A close monitoring of  market activities  in Lagos last week on why consumers buy a particular   Refrigerator has shown that warranty period is a strong factor.

Backed with  10-year warranty in linear compressor in its  Refrigerator segment, LG Electronics appears to have become the consumers delight in Nigeria market  as a result of the durability of most of its products particularly the refrigerator that comes in various forms like; Side by Side; Door-in-Door; Ever Cool refrigerator just to mention a few.

The products, according to market findings have become the toast of many consumers  who have seen, tested and confirmed that indeed LG refrigerators are simply the best.  The Home appliance company understands that durability is just as important as strong performance hence its refrigerators are not just stylish, they also come with 10-year warranty on its linear compressor ensuring worry-free operation year after year.

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The company’s refrigerators come in different designs and shape for the suitability and functionality of the consumers to meet their lifestyle.

The newest of its lineup of refrigerators range from the Door in Door Refrigerator to the LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator that comes with the Inverter-ON mode feature which automatically activates during power cut.

It works with inverter, ensuring that cooling in the refrigerator is not unnecessarily interrupted. Inverter-On mode automatically adjusts the temperature for both fridge & freezer compartments slightly higher to use the battery longer by consuming less energy.

With an average blackout time of 8 hours, most people own inverters to ensure uninterrupted power during power-cuts.

When power goes out, the LG Evercool Smart Inverter Refrigerator activates “Inverter-On” mode; this ensures that cooling is not in any way interrupted. This consumer-oriented mindset has been at the heart of the success of LG from inception.

Also, among its array of refrigerators is the LG Chest freezer which is equipped with latest technological features such as super-fast blast freezing mechanism that quickens the process of cooling and eventually freezing items inside within a short period of time. It has the capacity to consume less power as a result of the Low Voltage Stabilizer (LVS) which is quite distinctive and not common in other refrigerators.

It is a unique patented technology that offers Cooling Retention up to 7 hours in the refrigerator and over 10 hours in the freezer portion to keep food fresh and healthy.

Attesting to the uniqueness of LG Refrigerators a consumer, Mrs. Nnena Ulaka who came  for shopping in Ikeja outlet said that,  “ LG refrigerators as far as I am concerned are second to none in terms of innovative design that continuously leave consumers yarning for more. Honestly speaking I can’t imagine myself using other brands other than LG”.

The LG Door- in- Door Refrigerator is an innovation for better organization and access. It provides a smaller auxiliary access point to a fresh storage compartment mounted on the main door’s rear side.

This feature helps prevent cold air escaping when the entire fridge door is opened. Furthermore, better organization is made possible with the adjustable moving basket feature, enabling users to easily adjust the height of the compartments according to their needs.

The Hygiene Fresh™ works like an air purifier in the fridge, meaning food can breathe in cleaner air and stay fresher for longer. As one of the first air purifying systems in refrigerators, made with ginseng extract and with an independent anti-bacterial, dehumidifying, deodorizing fan exclusive to LG fridges, LG’s Hygiene Fresh reduces dust, fungi-spore, bacteria, and odor through its 4 step filtration of active hygiene care.

It is no longer news that LG offers its consumers with latest technological trends which has clearly placed them far ahead of other as a leader in the electronics industry particularly the home appliances unit where their arrays of refrigerators are churned out from.