IPv6, Io6 next battlefield for wealth creation, Uwaje tells African govts


By Emeka Aginam
The Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Mobile Software Solutions Limited, Chris Uwaje has canvassed for the adoption of Internet Protocol version 6, Ipv6, for African Governments for the
challenges ahead and sustainable development.


Uwaje who spoke during a panel on IPv6 forum at the ongoing global Internet of Thing , IoT, summit holding in Geneva, Switzerland, told the international community that Africa may not be globally competitive if the governments fail to adopt Ipv6 on time.

Noting that IPv6 will one day become the absolute default Prefixes for the Internet, the Oracle of the Nigerian Information Technology industry noted that the continent must recognize and embrace IPv6 for sustainable development.
“Globally , the next battlefield for sustainable development and wealth creation resides in IPv6 and IoT strategic knowledge configuration.

“Africa stands at the dawn of technology opportunity and will benefit immensely, if government and industry lead the advocacy to passionately promote innovation -through IPv6 adoption and IoT transmission as combined accelerator to create something and change everything.”, he told the gathering of international community”, he said.

As part of the readiness of Nigerian government, he told the gathering that the government of Nigeria had created a special committee to increase IPv6 awareness and study policy framework.

Citing Rwanda as example, Uwaje said that it proposed that government sets the example to the operational deployment and use of IPv6 through the designation of an IPv6 transition task force with a time line action plan.

Going forward, and recognizing the fact that knowledge development strategies and content in Africa faces a monumental challenge by the emerging knowledge Olympiad, the continent, he said needed strategic collaboration in Research, Innovation, IoTs, Embedded Systems, IPv6, Cloud, Big Data, Nano of Things, among others.

He urged participants at the international capacity building to declare the current status of Africa wide IPv6 development agenda as a “Critical State of Emergency”

He called on the Africa Union, AU, to lead the advocacy for the establishment of Africa IPv6/IoT marshal plan.
The former President of Information Technology Association of Nigeria, ITAN, at the conference advocated the need to establish the Africa IPv6/IoT development framework, AIIDF, as a platform for clustering and sharing critical digital knowledge systems for accelerated Information Society competitiveness at all levels.

He further recommended that the need to encourage Africa policy makers and leadership in each country to establish IPv6/IoT task forces to develop country IPv6/IoT Strategic Plans and by extension, to ensure that adequate funding is provided in their National Budget for the adoption , diffusion and advancement IPv6/IoT in Africa.

Promote the establishment of Africa-wide IoT Innovation Hackathon on Africa Development of Things (AdoT), partner with African professionals on strategies to retool the Africa knowledge workforce and infrastructure, as strategic imperatives for the emergence of the Africa’s new creative and innovative class, ANCIC, were also part of his recommendations.