How to avoid falling victim to phone and laptop explosions



Several phone users have expressed concerns over incidents of mobile gadget explosions in Nigeria in the past months.

Some of the explosions have led to grievous bodily harm to victims, while at least one person wasn’t so lucky to escape with just minor injuries.

A few months ago, a NYSC member serving in Jalingo, simply identified as Segun, died when his laptop exploded and burnt him in his sleep. He was said to have been charging the device on his laps while he slept.

While it could be convenient to blame the erratic supply of electricity in the country for Segun’s decision to charge the laptop on his lap before sleeping off, it is pertinent to note that it is a dangerous thing to do.

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To avoid being a victim of gadget explosion, here are some of the things to avoid and adhere to while you use your mobile and computer gadgets:


Many Nigerians are fond of overcharging electronic devices due to lack of electricity.

1. Do not overcharge your device

The electricity supply in the country is appalling, hence many gadget owners feel the need to leave a device in its charging source in order to maximise the availability. It is, however, a very unsafe thing to do.

Overcharging causes batteries to receive more current than they can safely handle, and it causes them to overheat.

Once your gadget battery is full, immediately detach from its charging source.

2. Put your device away from your body

A lot of people put their phones to charge next to them when they go to sleep. This is dangerous. Charge it through the day if you have to, but never leave it to charge overnight.

Also avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times.

When in pocket, make sure that the key pad is positioned toward your body so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from you rather than through you.

3. Don’t charge your devices under very hot conditions

Avoid charging your mobile gadgets for long periods of time in really hot places or under very hot conditions – such as on a car dashboard, next to a radiator, or in direct sunlight on hot days.

Excess heat causes a reaction that accelerates the temperature increase. This can eventually lead to explosion.

4. Avoid using phone while charging

Avoid using the phone while the battery is being charged.

Make sure to disconnect the phone from the charging outlet before connecting the call.

5. Use original chargers/power banks

Make sure to strictly use original chargers and power banks in charging your devices.

The fake ones might be considerably cheaper than other branded ones, but they might also end up doing irreparable damage to your phone.

Please, continue to stay safe.

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