Nigerian women are becoming too busy to seek healthcare — Dr. Matilda Kerry-Osazuwa


By Gabriel Olawale

Senior Registrar at the Community Health Department, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, and Founder, George Kerry Life Foundation, Dr. Matilda Kerry-Osazuwa, has admonished women in the country to take their health more seriously.

Kerry-Osazuwa said that after playing the role of mother, helper and care givers in the family, women tend to forget or care less about their own health.

Speaking during the unveiling of “Choice Communication Programme’ aimed at changing women’s attitude towards their health, she said that having observed the peculiarity in attitude among women and the challenges it can pose to the family later on, the Foundation is raising women health advocates in  communities nationwide.

“Choice Communication Programme is aimed at assisting women change their attitude towards seeking healthcare because by being accountable for their health they will be able to help their family and contribute to the development of larger society.

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“Lagos State is selected as our pilot state where we are training champions that will advocate attitude change among women and we intend to extend it to other state in nearest future to assist resource constraint setting to change the behavior of women as regards their health.

On her part, Outreach Coordinator, Magge-Women Hospital UPMC USA, Kesi Howard said the programme will also offer a platform where women will be educated about the emerging diseases and how to live a preventive lifestyle through healthy living.

“Remember that 90 per cent of people who detect their health challenges on time do not need rigorous expenses for treatment. Preventive and early detection help to avoid spending all your resources on management of the sickness. The more you live with diseases the more they destroy your body and more expensive to treat so we encourage people to stop living in fear and come out to get tested.

“We are also going to be organising training for healthcare providers, to see how we can address the issue of disconnect between the healthcare providers and their patients where by the patients will have more confidence in their doctors,” She explained.