Lekan Babalola: Two-time Grammy winner releases new song


Award winning singer, Lekan Babalola has released a new song ‘Mr. Lakaye.’

The studio work produced by Will Angelero is about the Yoruba god of iron, Ogun.

‘As custodians of Yoruba tradition of Ogun, Oro, Obatala and Ifa, my family taught me first hand Yoruba art and culture,’ the Lagos-born two-time Grammy award-winner revealed about his inspiration for the new song.

‘Ogun is the patron of my father’s family,’ he added.

Lekan’s 2017 Ebo Tour kicked off on June 17 at the Somerset Festival, England.

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‘Mr. Lakaye’ will also be the soundtrack to the musician’s new art installation in honour of late American jazz artiste, John William Coltrane.

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